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Los Angeles copywriter & brand consultant 

B2B copywriter & small business brand consultant portfolio examples

That a B2B copywriter or a B2B brand consultant should be wired for business development would seem to be obvious to the point of stupidity. But here’s the thing: most aren’t. There seems to be more focus on the creation of “ad product” than on delivering a genuine business-building service. The challenge is often in translating the owner’s vision and the CMO’s company values into flavorful communications that begin to tap into the company’s emotional and experiential benefits. Yes, taking a few pages from consumer brand marketing does the world of business-to-business communications a world of good!


Sample from the portfolio of Los Angeles, CA copywriter and brand consultant, Scott Silverman, for technology company IfThenWow.

Lifeless & dry: meet pop and sizzle.

If your B2B copywriter or B2B brand consultant doesn’t get that business-to-business communications are really business-to-person communications, you’ve got a problem. You’re simply not resonating as well as you could be. What 98% of businesses need is a marketing partner on the creative side. In an ideal world (hint, hint), you’d hire a B2B copywriter & small business brand consultant who can keep up with the founder/owner, the marketing director or CEO when it comes to looking at the entirety of the business. For more on my unique brand-building approach: message-centric branding consultant.

It’s time to widen the competitive moat while creating greater target understanding, interest and excitement.

It’s time to finally say it like you mean business.

Up your alley? Call me: 310.826.8518. Because, in my opinion, that’s precisely what it means to be a top Los Angeles, CA copywriter and brand consultant.

McKinsey published an excellent report in 2013 on business-to-business brand messaging:  http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/marketing_sales/how_b2b_companies_talk_past_their_customers

Prior to this, they also published this milestone work that encourage business-to-business marketers to stop thinking of branding as only a consumer thing: http://www.mckinseyonmarketingandsales.com/business-branding


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